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Courses 2017
1 February   10. - 20.02.2017 Mail
2 April   14. - 24.04.2017 Mail
3 June   20. - 30.06.2017 Mail
4 September   15. - 25.09.2017 Mail
5 November   20. - 30.11.2017 Mail

So you're ready for the next step and to get the chance to introduce new divers to the sport of Scuba diving, see the looks on their faces the first time they breath underwater or see things they have only seen in movies and on TV. Maybe you want to become an SDI Instructor to start or change careers or so you can travel the world. The SDI Instructor Course will teach current Divemaster or Assistants Instructors the knowledge to safely function as an SDI Instructor with the abilities to teach SDI Open Water Scuba Divers, Advanced Adventures Divers, Rescue Divers, Divemasters and Assistant Instructors. The program is divided into two sections, an Instructor Development Course (IDC) and an Instructor Evaluation Course (IEC).

The IDC teaches you how to:

Schedule course
Successfully market scuba
Properly teach and design academic and in water sessions
Effectively utilize assistants.

The IEC evaluates everything you learned during the IDC. This is typically a two day evaluation Preparing and teaching academic sessions
Knowledge of subject matter
Pool/confined water lessons
Open water lessons
Emergency management abilities

For more information please contact our diving center and ask for the other options in the training on the professional level. Issues such as instructor crossover etc. We are happy to discuss with you!