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Travel information and recommendations

Entry / check-in: For european citizens the passport is sufficient. For a faster check-in with us brings with as a copy. At the airport you get a tourist visa for a fee of 23 € (25 US dollars). Also a copy of your dive certificate is advantageous.

Health: For Egypt travelers enough normal travel pharmacy, you should need anything else, there are several pharmacies in the town, we accompany you like to go there. Also speaking doctors and a pressure chamber located in Safaga. International Hospitals there are in Hurghada. We recommend that you definitely take out travel insurance ADAC.

Security: Egypt is considered one the safe travel country, you should, of course, the usual Be careful, the tourist police is present in many places. The Safety on our basic guaranteed at all times, your equipment is, of course, at night included. At normal times, always one of our staff is based. For the safety of our diving trips an unbroken chain of emergency ensures. Every employee is informed and trained about necessary aid measures. First-aid kit, defibrillator, oxygen, and cell phone calls for help always come as standard. For a small amount you can take out a deco insurance with us.

Country and people: Currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound LE, for 1 euro you get about 8.7 LE. Egyptians are mostly friendly people as Europeans, you should just respect their customs and traditions, Islam is the state religion. Baksheesh = tip you are for most services in its Discretion, 2-5 L. E. should be sufficient in most cases. If you want in Safaga himself time to eat in the evening, a coffee visit (there are also with Wi-Fi), or shops or visit markets, there are plenty of opportunities for all tastes. Simply ask us about the best places to eat well you can, for example, close since 15 L.E. (ca.1,50 €). We accompany you also arrange your endeavors. Organize who want to experience more, we are happy trips in the surrounding countryside.

We are happy to answer any questions you on site !!!