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Dive sites in Safaga

The dive sites in Safaga are less visited than other dive sites of the Red Sea, but they are at quality not after. One or the other tip we have for you. Here you will find the map as PDF Download. For more information about the dive sites, please click on the dive site name, then you can find more details on the reefs around Safaga!

Tauchplätze in Safaga

Shaab Saiman
Ras Abu Soma
Abu Soma Garden
Tobia Arbaa
Tobia Hamra
Sandy Island
Tobia Kebir
Tobia Soraya
Gamul Soraya
Gamul Kebir

Shaab Tamina
Middle Reef
Shaab Quais
Shaab Sheer West
Shaab Sheer Ost
Shaab Sheer Soraya
Shaab Claude
Salem Express
Shaab Hamdallah
Abu Kafan

Hausriff FD

Green Hole