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Trip to Abu Dabab to turtles and dugongs

On the way, always along the coastal road between El Quseir and Marsa Alam, about 15 minutes behind Port Ghalib, which also houses the Marsa Alam airport, you reach a large, very beautiful sandy bay. This bay, dotted with a few hotels and diving centers, is especially for divers with the opportunity to observe a manatee "dugong", become famous.

On the beach there are several shelters and a variety parasols, which are also available for daily arriving divers. Abu Dabab is a highlight for diving and snorkeling. A trip for the whole family. From the beach you walk into the gently sloping water until depth reaches. Then it goes through large sandy areas and seagrass beds, in search of the manatee. On the seagrass large green turtles can be guaranteed again grazing watching. Also guitar sharks, stingrays and large triggerfish are not rarely seen. At the end of the bay, the bottom descends to 20 meters. If you can not find the manatee, it is still impressive to watch the big turtles.

Dives and snorkeling trips are often led by our guides, but you can the bay also explore on your own. Between dives there is sufficient time to consume drinks and snacks.

This excursion is a highlight for every diver, but also for snorkelers and families.